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April 2016

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June 2015

Traveling Minstrel Journals: Bohol, Revisited
Traveling Minstrel Journals: Borneo

March 2015

Please Help Keep Linabo Peak Clean
Traveling Minstrel Journals: Of Whale Sharks and Other Creatures
Traveling Minstrel Journals: Words and Music in Bacolod

February 2015

A Grave Warning
Traveling Minstrel Journals: Zamboanga Hermosa

January 2015

Traveling Minstrel Journals: Tickled Pink at the Pink Beach
Of Longitudes and Other Things

December 2014

Traveling Minstrel Journals: Mayon, Beautiful Woman

November 2014

Traveling Minstrel Journals: 30 in Bali
Un Après-midi de Musique

October 2014

As a Woman, Who and What am I Really?
Truth or Fiction?
Sister of the Earth
Some Thoughts on Feminism and Recent Newsmakers

September 2014

Flak of Aegis
Priority Mail

February 2014

Traveling Minstrel Journals: 3 Weeks, 3 Countries

October 2013

Of Quakes and Things Indestructible
“Time was soft there…”

September 2013

“Les Misérables” and its Relevance
Goodwill and Prayers for Zamboanga
My Reply to Violence
Throwback Thursday

August 2013

The Cure for Anything
Traveling Minstrel Journals: The Philippine Cordilleras
Ex Libris
Mission: Nutrition

July 2013

Faulty Advertising for Early Childhood Education
Realizations of a Traveling Minstrel
Where is the Love?
Remembering Lola

June 2013

Reflections on Deep Reading and Technology
Social Action Through Music
Tatlong Bituin at Isang Araw
Home-Schooling: Learning Outside the Box

May 2013

The Right to Culture is a Human Right
Chasing Dipolog’s Sunsets
The Building Never Stops
Regarding Mothers, Daughters, and Writing
Jason Mraz and the Environment

April 2013

April is Autism Awareness Month
An Iron Lady
Lessons from Artemisia
NaPoWriMo, Anyone?

March 2013

Portrait of a Lady
Creativity for Summer and Beyond
A Musician on Love and Music
Rethinking Easter

February 2013

A Musical Teacher’s Mission
Intelligence Report
A Sweet Affair

January 2013

An Open Letter to Students
There is Hope
Hook, Line, and Sinker
We Have a Dream
Rhythmic Musings

December 2012

Harmonic Tones
Multiplying the Love for Books
Sounds and Music

November 2012

My Unconventional Life at 28
The Art of Life
One Fine Day
An Acquaintance With Bernini

October 2012

October Fests
On Traveling

September 2012

Write Here, Write Now
On Coffee, Coffee Shops, and Writing
In Search of a Cultural Venue



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