May 25, 2014


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People turn to drugs, alcohol, and even illicit affairs, to escape from something.  Even sports, books, and music are mostly enjoyed as a means of escape, and no longer as means for self-enhancement.  Nowadays, people hanker for things that lend them escape.  Even the media advertises escape as if escape is a necessity.  Has the quality of life become so terrible that most people feel the need to escape?

But isn’t the goal to live a life you don’t wish to escape from?

January 13, 2014


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First Attempt at Meteorology

The sky condition, overcast; But I am having isolated brainshowers, with moderate winds blowing creative thoughts and words in my direction. Towards late afternoon, expect increasing clouds with a chance of heavier caffeinated downpours or torrential sounds from the piano that may develop into brainstorms.

For the record, baby, it’s cold outside, but it’s warm and cozy in my head.


Of Planners and Journals

I am rediscovering the purpose of certain objects and the differences between them. Of these annual planners and journals: The planner, a testimony of how I carefully outline and organize my year; The journal, a witness of how life brings my predictable plans to ruin… in the most beautiful way possible.



…and you know you’ve grown and lived a little bit more when you are at a point in life where you can’t be anything else but grateful – especially for not having what was never meant to be yours.

To be thankful for what I have and what I don’t have is beautiful. I am loved, blessed, and full of “merci”!


Happy New Year!

2013 was like a musical opus that began with melancholic tones that gradually developed into enigmatic and then graceful passages; but also into a dazzling but profound resolution of a section that intimates exciting upcoming movements in this perpetual motion called life. I thank God for blessing me with a year filled with the best experiences and the best people one could ever ask for. This was the best year of my life! I have a feeling that 2014 is also vying for that title, but I don’t mind! May all our new years always outshine the one before it. Thank you all so much for being a part of me! My heart is full and whole. I wish you all a new year as meaningful and glorious as Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9!