May 2, 2011

On Tending Herbs & Hearts (7.30.09)

Posted in 2005 - 2009 Scribblings at 07:18 by Miracle

As an aspiring “chef”/housewife, I began propagating several pots of rosemary, sweet basil, and tarragon, to satisfy my quixotic kitchen endeavors. Aside from the nutritive and therapeutic benefits of herb planting, the cultivation of these living things brought about simple joys and ponderings. The burgeoning of a new tiny leaf after a night of delicate rainfall would excite me, and their figures like forest nymphs in green raiment tiptoeing towards the sun would enchant me.

It was sheer elation to witness the sweet basil leaves augment to half the size of my palm. Nevertheless this did not only signify healthy growth, it also forecasted an ineluctable stage of its life – harvest time. With a cook’s delight and a planter’s reluctance, I pruned the stems and brought them to the kitchen. When I returned to the potted plants, their sundered appearances worried me and I felt remorseful. The beautiful nymphs were humbly prostrated to the ground. “What have I done?” I whispered to myself.

When I inspected the plants the following day, I noticed that at the places where I had sheared one stem, there grew two new baby sprigs! The snippings did not terminate their growth, but increased it rather. So it is with our hearts. Prunings must needs be endured if we are to flourish.


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