July 21, 2017

Letter from Lake Sebu

Posted in Traveling Minstrel Journals at 14:32 by Miracle

The Suzuki philosophy teaches us that a child is a son of his environment. The mistake we sometimes make as teachers is when we limit this concept to our burgeoning students and think that this no longer affects us, that our childhood environment has already done its job with us. We should think again. Our development is not over. It never is. Our external landscapes still have an effect on our internal landscapes and we should continue to be mindful of what we surround ourselves with. — Thoughts from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. This is my view as I write. January 10, 2017 Traveling Minstrel Journals

Dear Lolo,
I’ve been thinking of you often lately. Mama tells me Allah Valley was your favorite place. It must have been exciting to come here as a young man on a helicopter when this region was pristine and inaccessible by land.

I am here now and it feels strange to be in a place that seems so far away but still have WiFi and to hear traditional T’boli drums and flutes intermingle with a distant videoke at twilight. Traveling in this decade is really weird, Lo.

Roads are under construction and resorts are sprouting. I hate those concrete hand rails that are designed and intended to imitate wood. They’re almost everywhere now! I try to crop them out from the pictures I take. But maybe you wouldn’t have cared about them so much because you were more open-minded. You wouldn’t have been concerned about the overcast weather either because your optimism always allowed you to exclaim “blue skies!” at times when we’d only see gray.

I love the fresh food and how Borneo’s proximity influenced it. Although the food reminds me more of Lola because she preferred fish and you loved humba.

The people are charming! I like how the tinkling of tiny brass bells announce the approach of a T’boli woman. Their dancers are like their playful birds and their T’nalak weavers are the storytellers.

If you ask me about the natural views, they are breathtaking. Despite the decades of difference in our travel schedules, I’ve fallen in love with this place, too.


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