April 17, 2016

Little Girl at Islas de Gigantes

Posted in Traveling Minstrel Journals at 15:46 by Miracle


Yesterday, a boatful of giggling children made friends with me in one of the islands in Islas de Gigantes. I loved how they addressed me as “Ma’am” when I encountered them and “Ate” by the time I said goodbye. On another island, I successfully delivered a pencil sketch done by Papa of one of the natives that my parents met when they came last year. Not knowing the woman’s name, it was fun trying to match the face on the portrait with the right one and finally finding her!

It’s all true what they say about this place – the captivating Carles sunsets, the juicy scallops with pink and orange shells for 1 peso each, the basketfuls of other shellfish and seafood, and so forth. There’s more to this cluster of islands than that usual selfie spot you’ll find on Instagram.


I have so many beautiful photos of the islands but most of them are in my 4-month-old phone that got soaked because of a punctured waterproof bag. Hopefully, the files and photos can be retrieved. Besides, I think you’ve seen too many blue waters and white sands from me lately. For now, I share these photos from Cabugao Island and from one of the caves. That’s me, apparently looking toward the brighter side of things…


…and flipping over with joy while absorbing enough solar, hydro, and geothermal energy to power me through a busy summer!



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