December 10, 2015

The Gentle Pidua-an Falls

Posted in Traveling Minstrel Journals at 11:33 by Miracle

12299111_10153280035489607_5624595775589592768_nThere is so much more to Mindanao than what is regularly portrayed by mainstream media: This faerieland-like place tucked away in a lush ravine and its gentle people, to name a few.

After a three-hour bus ride from Dipolog; a rocky fifteen-minute habal-habal ride from Josefina to Don Victoriano; a two-hour trek through Subanen villages in the Mount Malindang Range, ridges enveloped in fog, steep slopes, and three river crossings; Pidua-an Falls rewards the trekker with a calming beauty.

Pidua-an Falls is unique because it is not generated by a river. The springs from the rocks create the dainty cascading curtain. There is nothing pompous or imposing about this waterfall. It does not incite emotional torrents like some waterfalls nor does it remind you of a flow or surge of losses, but rather, it comforts you with its delicate tinkling music. This waterfall is gentle, akin to the locals who quench their thirst with its springs.





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