October 21, 2014

Truth or Fiction?

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Social media went abuzz last October 14 with an alarming Facebook post from a certain Eunice Bennett: “Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines will be under water! Intercession needed!”

On September 3, I read A. Perez Rimando’s article in Manila Standard Today about a tremor threat issued by The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs).  The article stated that the Zamboanga Peninsula was in danger of a powerful earthquake and tsunami of 10-meter high waves, but it was also impossible to predict when the tremor would occur.  After reading it, I immediately reposted Rimando’s article on Facebook for the purpose of calling out to local authorities on whether precautions and drills were already being facilitated.

Having read the Phivolcs warning prior to the purported prophecy, the latter did not alarm me anymore.

The Facebook post began with a prelude of Bible verses about the validity of prophecies, dreams, and visions.  It must be noted that I agreed with the scriptural references.

It was then followed by the description of the dream that most people of Zamboanga del Norte have heard of by now via social media.  Attached to the post were four photos: Two that featured our governor whose identity was supposedly unknown to the dreamer at the time of the vision, and another two photos that were claimed to best resemble the dream’s torrential destruction and which I recognized as photos from the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

The tsunami photos were what initially aroused my skepticism.  Would a true prophecy need inaccurate visual aid to deliver a message?  Were they added for sensationalism? Secondly, are not such statements convenient?  With the existing Phivolcs warning, if a tsunami were to occur then the claim would certainly appear to be true, and if a tsunami does not occur then the supposed intercession would appear successful.  Either outcome would easily make a hero of whoever makes such a declaration.  Thirdly, the closing message of the post made me feel queasy as it seemed to appeal for followers.

If there is one thing in the post that I certainly agree with, it is this line: “Men have abused their natural resources and will suffer the consequence of their neglect and abuse.”

The intent of this article is not to call anybody a liar.  This is a mere reply to those who have solicited my thoughts on the matter, and a reminder for us to be mindful about what we readily believe in.  The bible also warns of false prophets and it is only right to question any prophecy’s validity. The true prophets and prophecies will, of course, withstand all questionings.


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  1. Ray Codas said,

    We are called to test every spirit


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