May 25, 2014


Posted in 2014 Journal at 17:07 by Miracle

People turn to drugs, alcohol, and even illicit affairs, to escape from something.  Even sports, books, and music are mostly enjoyed as a means of escape, and no longer as means for self-enhancement.  Nowadays, people hanker for things that lend them escape.  Even the media advertises escape as if escape is a necessity.  Has the quality of life become so terrible that most people feel the need to escape?

But isn’t the goal to live a life you don’t wish to escape from?



  1. Sheena said,

    Like you are waiting for tomorrow to come hoping it would be better, and then tomorrow feels just like yesterday. so you never arrive. i knew it too well. but when i started liking myself, things changed. Im grateful i dont feel the urge to escape my present like i used to. well, not so much anymore. 🙂


  2. kim said,

    Very well said. I need a reality check.


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