October 16, 2013

“Time was soft there…”

Posted in 2013 Journal, Traveling Minstrel Journals at 22:43 by Miracle

This may sound rather childish but it took me a while to forgive Forever 21 for replacing Powerbooks in SM Cebu’s Northwing. The idea of fashion being more popular than books and the stark realization that the majority favors outward adornment over the beautification of the mind always saddens me.

It was with greater regret that I accepted the closing of my favorite bookshop, La Belle Aurore in Cebu City. Last Friday, October 11, 2013, we said goodbye to the Junquera branch with a musical farewell.

It is bittersweet to note that I was blessed with the chance to participate in the bookshop’s significant moments – its opening and its closing, and in many moments in between (as exhibited in this collage). I will always remember its book-lined walls and gentle warm light. It was one of those rare places where my mind felt at home enough to blossom there and unfold unabashedly. It was where beautiful souls gathered to find solace in literature, music, or in one another.

I know I am not alone. I am not the only one who has asserted dominion over the nook with the pillows, and I am not the only one with fond and precious memories of that charming little oasis in a desert of inelegance. The people in attendance last Friday affirmed this throughout the voice and the violin’s sweetest strains, when everyone was so silent and I could hear only the stirring of kindred minds communing with each other like the comforting rustle of book pages turning.

But unfortunately, it takes so much more to keep places like this in existence… (Or perhaps it only takes just a few more similar minds to keep places like this in existence?)

Thank you for the wonderful and tender memories, La Belle Aurore II. “Time was soft there.” :’)


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