August 1, 2013

Mission: Nutrition

Posted in 2013 Journal at 06:39 by Miracle

As Nutrition Month came to a close, July 31 held most of its culminating activities.

Being usually involved in the humanities, I never imagined that I would take part in such an activity.  When a kid asked me weeks earlier to be his substitute mom and concoct nutritious food with him, I thought all I would do was help accomplish a recipe and show up with him in school.

Having prepared the ingredients beforehand, I went straight to the school as soon as I arrived in Cebu from a brief trip.  It was rather startling, but at the same time touching, to read “Welcome Ms. Miracle Romano” on the board when I entered the classroom!  It suddenly dawned on me at that moment that I was supposed to do a food presentation in front of the class and that there was no turning back.

After hastily reviewing what I knew about food and nutrition mentally, I gathered my somewhat wobbly confidence, stood in front of the kids with a smile, and asked them to identify the ingredients that would make them go, glow, or grow.  Pitching in nutrition facts every now and then while preparing the food made for a successful impromptu presentation.  The class enjoyed it, and some of the teachers and the principal were even able to sample our nutritiously well-balanced tacos – with veggies, of course.

Still slightly dizzy from the boat ride, I could only laugh at life’s little surprises.  Had I been sustaining unhealthy habits, I would have felt guilty standing before those children, but having been a staunch advocate of healthy living by shunning junk food, processed food, powdered iced tea, carbonated drinks, and food and drinks with artificial coloring and ingredients for several years after a health rebirth, I felt that I may have passed as a good role model.

I have been to a number of schools and classrooms over the course of July and the presence of drawings and colorful paper cuttings of vegetables and fruits for nutrition awareness were ever present.  It is wonderful to see that schools are educating our children in this aspect and giving attention to the fight against undernourishment.  I hope the knowledge, understanding, and promotion of these matters will go beyond Nutrition Month and over the bounds of classrooms, and be especially encouraged at home.

While I acknowledge that addressing the dietary deficiencies and hunger of the body is very important, I admit that I am always more concerned about the eradication of a different sort of hunger – the malnutrition of the mind, heart, and soul.  Since we do not have a month dedicated to that, may we inspire each other to devote our lives to this more crucial kind of nourishment that concerns more than our bodies.


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