December 28, 2012

Harmonic Tones

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It is the end of another year once again, a time usually devoted to recapping and reflecting on the year that has passed and that is about to close.  2012 being the most challenging and eventful year of my life, I am suddenly assailed with so many ideas to write about. However, coming home a few days ago from a concert with the Cebu Philharmonic Orchestra, I am more inclined to write about my thoughts as an orchestra member.

Thanks to a friend, a freelancing musician who performs with the country’s leading orchestras, I was given the privilege to sneak in backstage and watch the MPO (Manila Philharmonic Orchestra) perform live at Resorts World’s production of The Sound of Music, and in the same week, witness the PPO (Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra) in rehearsal and in concert at the Cultural Center of the Philippines last January.  Although I stray a little, it is noteworthy to add that it was also then that I learned that PPO’s principal violist, Joy Allan dela Cruz, is from Dipolog.  Had it been a Dipolognon cast in a trivial role in a cinematic film or teleserye, the news would have made waves back here at home, but since we hardly pay any attention to such accomplishments, we are not even aware that a Dipolognon holds one of the highest positions a violist could ever have in this country.

Observing an orchestra can be very fascinating whether you are part of one or a spectator.  It is most extraordinary to perceive that more than fifty passionate, emotional, temperamental, explosive characters of different backgrounds, beliefs, and personalities are playing individual parts, but harmonizing nonetheless.  These are people who must understand that despite whatever differences there may be amongst personalities, they still have to listen to diverse voices while expressing their own.  These are people who know they have to follow a certain set of rules while exerting their freedom.  These are people who must be enlightened with the difference between power and force, ergo, those with the most powerful instruments in terms of volume, for example, must be in control of this power and know when to employ such power or when to withhold.  These are people who must know that passion and discipline come hand in hand.  These are people who must know they have to practice and improve themselves unceasingly if they hope to contribute to the betterment of the entire group.  These are people who must realize that most of the time it is simply about listening and giving, and keeping their eyes on the conductor.

Orchestra members are flawed and imperfect people who come together to accomplish a goal – make perfect music, and it is incredibly possible after much determination and hard work!  At this point, we arrive at the conclusion that individuals and society can learn so much from an orchestra.

As we usher in the new year, may we be more keen about living as responsible and diligent orchestral members of the human race.  I wish you, dear reader, a harmonic and symphonic new year, and may we always fix our eyes on God.


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