May 3, 2012

Ex Libris

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Readers do not read because they are in search of the best book they will ever read. Readers read because reading is a passion, just as one lives because one is passionate about life.  But just as one who is passionate about life eventually finds life, a most passionate reader will, in the course of time, chance upon the best book. The beauty and madness regarding such an encounter rests in the truth that every book that came before and every book read afterward will always pale in comparison.

Experienced readers attest that the best book is almost never found at the beginning of a reader’s journey, because you only find it after you have discovered yourself and your many other selves. It is only after recognizing ourselves that we shall also recognize the book whose essence will remain in us and elevate us to become more than we can be.

It will be amazing to witness other people appreciating and poring over the same pages enthusiastically, but it will also be frustrating to discover that even though they admire the same book, they do not fully grasp its significance. Sometimes it is even loved out of pride, or loved with a love borne out of contagion from other readers. Nevertheless, it will be noticed that there are allusions that these other lovers miss, lines they take for granted, and especially, vital cries between the lines that are overpassed. But nobody ever tells anyone what they are missing because those are amongst life’s unsayables. It’s either you are meant to come into collision with such particulars or not. These observations are not brought about by arrogance, but out of simple revelations that are meant to be. What must be understood is that we cannot impose ourselves on the best book despite wanting to claim that a certain book is the best book for oneself, because it is like love.

The best books are not read and loved for their plots, nor do they always reward the reader with a triumphant or pleasant ending. A book is loved for awakening the reader to more truth and meaning, and changing a life for the better.  A good reader shares the book with other readers, and allows it to pass through other hands, or go through the scrutiny of other eyes, because after reading such a book, it does not matter much whether you live a life with or without the book by your side, because you already know that you are living a life enriched by it… it is in you, and it is yours. It will always be yours.



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  1. K.Y. said,

    Thank you! 😉


    • I don’t know why you’re thanking me, but I definitely know who you are now! ❤


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