January 29, 2012


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Little trips, both impulsive and scheduled, have become a regular part of my life that I could probably compile a little booklet about arrivals and departures, and things in between, if I had all the time in the world. I have recently arrived from Manila and Cebu and it has caused me to accumulate thoughts upon thoughts, but one thing a writing traveler usually overlooks is the bittersweetness of unpacking. Unpacking is insignificantly established in such an obscure part of a journey that many travelers never even consider it as part of the journey. We bypass  this occupation and never realize that sometimes unpacking can be amongst the most poetic moments of a journey. For instance, when spilling the contents of a suitcase on your bed and one article of clothing makes you pause — you catch sight of that blouse you wore when a loved one hugged you goodbye… and you discover yourself bringing it to your nose in search of a familiar scent, never knowing when you’d be able to smell the same scent again. Howbeit, you find the scent, right there around the chest area! And along with the scent a hundred sensations flood your mind and senses… only to end up reluctantly surrendering the blouse to the laundry bin.  Fortunately, one can’t erase memories as easily as detergent washes away perfume – or is it, unfortunately? Ah, but I digress! And so we return to the realization that unpacking, alike so many things deemed insignificant, can also become beautiful writing subjects.

Without further ado, allow me to unpack six days worth of thoughts that have been prompted by observing different manners of relationships.

January 24
People have said that time and distance are the most harrowing tests to a relationship. To be tested is indeed difficult, but I am still thankful for the tests. Unfazed by time and distance, I have relationships that pass those tests every single day.

January 25
One good thing about living in faraway Dipolog, is that some people actually go out of their way just to visit me, and then I am assured that they are not there for me because it’s convenient for them, but because they simply want to be with me. I certainly find pleasure in returning the favor.

January 26
Unless a man lives for God first and then walks in His ways, I will not be so confident to claim that it is True Love that a man feels for me. A woman may be admired, liked, adored, and be considered as an ideal partner, but True Love has certain standards. As much as one may want to believe that what they have is “true love”, a real woman should not fool herself – or anybody.

January 27
Love simply becomes more credible if one pleases God first.

January 28
“Yes” to men who try hard to prove their devotion. “No” to girls who try desperately hard to prove a man’s devotion.

January 29
While I may be seen as being quite skeptical and doubtful about how a man loves me, that does not, by any means, imply that I am unsure of loving. When I love, I love truly – and that is what I’d confidently prefer to claim.

“Strange how I fit into you / There’s a distance erased with the greatest of ease / Strange how you fit into me / A gentle warmth filling the deepest of needs.”
(Vienna Teng)



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  1. Fred said,

    Ah, {time and distance…}
    …but the greatest of these is love.


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