June 13, 2011

Faith Misused

Posted in Photosojournalism, Traveling Minstrel Journals at 00:01 by Miracle

Like eidolons wandering and drifting through shady pathways while keeping a watchful eye on their god’s sanctum, these women eerily bespeckle the Rizal Shrine in Dapitan City.  These are the women of the Rizalista cult. They worship our National Hero believing that he was Jesus Christ’s reincarnation, and because of their zeal, they earnestly volunteer as sentinels and caretakers of the shrine – to the advantage of the government who won’t have to spend for caretaking expenses.  

If you are brave enough to indulge, they also offer an hour’s worth of body massage in the replicas of Rizal’s nipa clinics.

While on a photographic errand with Papa at the Rizal Shrine last month, I came into close proximity with these women who gave me goosebumps previously, and realized that aside from their ghostly garbs they were nothing to be afraid of.  From slight fear and queasiness, my feelings turned into sympathy.

It is tragic when faith and zeal is directed towards the wrong direction.




  1. Mar Muyco said,

    Yes it is sad when passion and fanaticism collide.
    But being in the tough world we live in, a simpler lifestyle such as theirs, may not be bad afterall.


  2. Mar Muyco said,

    These Rizalistas should meet Ambeth Ocampo or read his books and articles on Rizal.


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