May 6, 2011

Bernieres: Corelli’s Mandolin

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:07 by Miracle

As if I am not already immensely intrigued about Greece and enamored to many things Hellenic, a friend lends me a copy of Corelli’s Mandolin. (He is letting me keep the book until he builds his dream house and engineers his dream shelf. So yes, this book will practically be mine for decades.) 😉

Corelli’s Mandolin is incredibly lyrical, so musical that one imagines a fermata instead of a period after its closing measure. I am recurrently hearing the rapid arpeggios and tremolos, the gentle lapping of Aeschylus’ “innumerable smiles of the waves” on Greece’s bluish rocks, operatic echoes, Antonio Corelli’s mandolin, and Pelagia’s beating heart which is unbelievably very much like mine. This narrative presented an exquisite balance of love, loss, life, death, loyalty, innocence, sagacity, culture, medicine, history, literature, art, music, philosophy, and an ample amount of the most clever humour. The movie was a far, far cry. Despite its uniqueness as a novel, one cannot deny the influence of Gabriel García Márquez, and the author used this influence in such a beautiful way. Louis de Bernières should not be among those wordsmiths that you would stash away to your least favourite shelf. This book is a literary treat for the heart.


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