Blogtrotting through other blog sites allows one to espy that this blog is in want of what most standard blogs have; that slightly self-saturated portion called “About” (as if the entirety of one’s blog is not already “About”), where people declare insignificance, importance, absurdity, lunacy (the most common), or a plain blog description.

Nevertheless, it is what new sojourners look for to know blog and author alike beyond the blunt description, but without having to read years of accumulated words. Therefore, allow me to indulge, and if you wish to do the same, read on.

About the Author

There are many ways to describe oneself. There are many, but the same self-indulgent prattle.  Necessary self-indulgent prattle in the blogosphere, however. So, here goes…

If I were to reveal myself in technical terms, I would simply relay what my birth certificate warrants; that my real name is Miracle Romano and that I was brought forth into this world in 1984 (a rather significant year in literature).

If I were to do so philosophically, I’d ask you, dear reader, “What is Self?” and I shall be conveniently released from the necessity to supply an answer and forever elude this portion of my blog.

If I were allowed to borrow the words of sages and poets, I would quote Plato and say, “I know not how I may seem to others, but to myself I am but a small child wandering upon the vast shores of knowledge,every now and then finding a small bright pebble to content myself with.” Or I may usurp a most befitting line from Walt Whitman and declare that “each part and tag of me is a miracle.”

I may also speak as a musician and maintain that I am one who lives life as a musical process. Indeed, there are many ways, and yet I feel that through the following titles, I am able to successfully summarize what I perceive myself to be: A Little Girl, a Woman, a Daughter of God, a Sister, a Free Spirit, a Page-Turner (whether they be book pages, music pages, or life’s pages), a Kape-Writer, a polybibliogamist, a Traveling Minstrel, among other fancied things.

“Quite a conundrum,” based on an online personality test.

If one feels that my description is vague or scanty, that is where the entire blog comes in.

About the Blog

“I have always believed there to be a greedy and almost implacable graphomaniac inside me – a creature who can never write enough, who is forever setting life in words – and that to make him happy I need to keep writing.”  -Orhan Pamuk

There is no need for lengthy elaborations. This blog is nothing but a receptacle for that graphomanic urge.

About the Blog Title

Les Fleurs d’un Livre. Flowers from a Book. While such a name kindles the imaginations of the senses, it was through the weakness of one that this name was acquired.

In Scent of a Woman, the blind Al Pacino uttered “fleurs d’un –” and translated it as “flowers from a –”, which the polybibliogamist’s ears instantly conceived as “flowers from a book”. For the love of flowers and books, I immediately fancied that metaphorical flowers from a book implied the profound fragrance of wisdom and knowledge – the scent of a real woman.

I carried this phrase with me from the early 90’s to the dawn of blogging in 2005 where no other blog name would do. Then last year, I read the movie script and to my stupefaction it said, “Flowers from a brook”!

I misheard, but I’m keeping the name. Let wisdom and knowledge, these two things I strive for, remain the scent of a real woman.